"Ultimate Force" The Changing of the Guard 2006
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Release date: 29 April 2006
User Votes: 6.9
Countries: ,
Genres: Action, War,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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The Keep Nazis are forced to turn to a Jewish historian for help in battling the ancient demon they have inadvertently freed from its prison.
Nazis are sent to guard an old, mysterious fortress in a Romanian pass. One of them mistakenly releases an unknown force trapped within the walls. A mysterious stranger senses this from his home in Greece and travels to the keep to vanquish the force. As soldiers are killed, a Jewish man and his daughter (who are both knowledgeable of the keep) are brought in to find out what is happening.
Dai lap mat tam 008 A wild and hilariously anachronistic tale of an imperial guard of the Forbidden City who has no martial arts abilities but a talent for making futuristic machines and must save the kidnapped emperor.
Set in Imperial China, Stephen Chiau plays Fat, a guard in the Forbidden City. But unlike his colleagues he doesn't know anything about Kung Fu or other martial-arts, because he uses his time to make futuristic inventions. So when the emperor is kidnapped and the world most beautiful geisha comes to town Fat has to use his brain to get things done.
"Millennium" Lamentation As Frank assists the FBI with the hunt for an escaped serial killer, an unspeakable evil terrorizes his family.
Ephraim Fabricant, a doctor jailed for a string of murders that Frank Black helped solve, is wheeled into an operating room to donate a kidney to his ailing sister. As he recovers in post-op, someone posing as a nurse savagely beats the officer on guard and takes Fabricant away. As Frank and Peter try to locate him, their investigations lead them to Lucy Butler, a woman who had kept up a long correspondence with Fabricant and who now claims to be his wife. Several days later, a much weaker Fabricant is dumped at a nearby hospital, missing his second kidney. He warns Frank that there is another force at large, one which has terrified him and is now turning its attention toward Frank and his family.
Esha A modern-day love story rooted in the cultural backdrop of people changing their names to fit into western society.
A modern-day love story rooted in the cultural backdrop of people changing their names to fit into western society.
Half-Life: Blue Shift You experience the Black Mesa Disaster from the point of view of a security guard.
In this expansion pack for Half Life, you play a low level security guard. Life seems pretty boring and routine, until a scientist causes an accident in the Anomalous Materials lab. With your place of employment crawling with alien creatures, you must find a way to escape. Nobody said fighting them was *your* job, after all. If you go into the security office near the pistol range and activate the monitors, you can see Dr. Green (from Half-Life: Decay) pushing the cart with the fateful sample on it down the corridor to the test chamber delivery system. In Half-Life: Decay, when playing Dr. Green, you can see the security camera which films this image.

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