Monsterama: The World of Bob Burns 2004
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Monsterama: The World of Bob Burns 2004
Plot: None
Story: None
Release date: Not Available
User Votes: Unknown
Countries: USA,
Stars: Bob Burns,
Genres: Documentary,
MPAA Rating: advert
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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"The Simpsons" Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish A three-eyed fish is caught in the Springfield River downstream from the nuclear plant, leading to a government safety inspection. When Mr. Burns is told that the plant will be shut down, ...
A three-eyed fish is caught in the Springfield River downstream from the nuclear plant, leading to a government safety inspection. When Mr. Burns is told that the plant will be shut down, he gets drunk in his car with Homer. Homer remarks that if Burns were governor, he could make new laws to keep the plant open. Burns seizes on this remark and announces his candidacy. Afraid for his job, Homer pushes his family to campaign for Burns, but Marge is a staunch supporter of the incumbent, Mary Bailey. On the night before the election, Burns dines at the Simpson home as a publicity stunt.
"The Simpsons" Mountain of Madness Homer and Mr. Burns get trapped in a snowed-in cabin during a company retreat.
Burns takes his staff to Mount Useful for a team-building exercise,the object being to reach a cabin at the top. Paired with Homer,Burns cheats and they reach their destination but experience cabin fever when snowed in by an avalanche. Eventually Homer uses a propane stove to turn the cabin into a sled that sends them back to safety.
The Groomsmen A groom (Ed Burns) and his four attendants wrestle with issues related to friendship and maturity a week before the big day.
The story follows the misadventures and confusion of a groom (Ed Burns) and his four groomsmen the week before a wedding. Wrestling with issues of fatherhood, honesty and growing up, the five thirty-somethings discover their extended adolescence might be finally coming to a close.
The Front Page As a tabloid newspaper editor tries to prevent his top reporter from retiring, an escaped death row convict shows up at the office trying to convey his innocence.
Hildy Johnson is the top reporter on a Chicago newspaper during the 1920s. Tired of the whole game he's determined to quit his job to get married. His scheming editor, Walter Burns, has other plans though. It's the day before guilty (but insane) murderer, Earl Williams, is due to go to the gallows and Burns tempts Johnson to stay and write the story.
SouthSide The story's central character Billy Sheers, runs away from Manchester to hide out on the mean streets of south London. He's hiding from his ex girlfriends dad 'Brian Burns' a big time gangster from the north of England.
SouthSide's main protagonist is a young lad from Manchester called Billy Sheers who is definitely a sandwich or two short of a picnic. He has escaped form the northern city and traveled south to London in the hope he can make a new start for himself in the big smoke. Billy is on the run and hiding out because the notorious northern gangster Brian Burns wants his head on a stick for impregnating his one and only daughter. While hiding out, Billy runs into a series of unsavory characters on the rough streets of south London. They all seem to take advantage of his lack of intelligence and mistreat him in one way or another. Billy confides in one person on his lonely journey, an Irish street tramp called 'Charlie Slaney'. Charlie is also in a spot of trouble with a local street hood who is hot on his trail. There is only one way to go for Billy and Charlie and that's Southside. World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival May 2003.

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