Roma Imago Urbis: Parte VI - Le gesta 1995
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Roma Imago Urbis: Parte VI - Le gesta 1995
Plot: None
Story: None
Release date: 10 February 1995
User Votes: Unknown
Countries: Italy,
Stars: ,
Genres: Documentary,
MPAA Rating: advert
Runtime: 61 minutes
Oscars: None
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Human Heart Explodes Follows Roma (Gypsy) Safet Tairov's personal, economic, social and political struggles to build a kindergarten in a small mountain village in Eastern Europe.
After years of trying to help his fellow Roma (Gypsy) people, Safet Tairov has finally convinced a group of Germans to donate humanitarian goods and build a kindergarten. But many obstacles block Safet's progress in his small Eastern European village: the mayor won't speak to him; the non-Roma citizens are hurt that foreigners are only helping minorities; Safet's organization has little community support and no resources; dealing with Westerners is culturally challenging. Ultimately, the challenges prove victorious.
Quanto sei bella Roma
Ennio Girolami's voice by Ferruccio Amendola
"A miña sogra e máis eu" Viaxe a ningunha parte

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