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Plot: The adventures of a female reporter in the 1890s.
Story: Geraldine (Jerry) Holbrook, a girl of Eastern birth, decides to start a career in journalism in the heart of New York, after she feels that her father is close to a financial crush. In the process she falls in love with the editor of her paper, Mr. Hamilton. After the first successful article, she leads Hamilton into doubting her love for him, and this makes him accept a job in London. But his worries prove wrong when Jerry accepts to marry him and leave to London.
Release date: Not Available
User Votes: 6.2
Countries: USA,
Genres: Romance,
MPAA Rating: image
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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Tom's chasing Jerry when he runs, literally, right into the sleeping (and quite nasty) dog later known as Spike. Spike chases Tom up a lamp; Jerry's quite amused, until Spike turns on him and traps him in a cuckoo clock. Spike trades off between the two of them, until Tom climbs down the lamp, then finds himself depending on Jerry to help him to the clock. They're both trapped, then Jerry has an idea. As Tom keeps Spike distracted, Jerry uses a ball of yarn to tie everything in the next room together. When he's ready, he kicks Spike, who runs into the mess, bringing the wrath of Mammy. The truce between Tom and Jerry ends, though, when Tom's tail gets caught in a mousetrap.
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