"Lost Girl" Lachlan's Gambit 2012
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Plot: None
Story: None
Release date: 18 March 2012
User Votes: 7.6
Countries: Canada,
MPAA Rating: Unknown
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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"Shark" Love Triangle The office prosecutes a white teenage girl for the hit-and-run death of an African American girl who was involved with her boyfriend.
While doing yoga, Shark sees on TV a teenage girl was hit by a car near the house where his daughter Julie is at a party. Luckily, Julie is alive, but Erica Hartford isn't. Since Erica was a black girl in a white neighborhood, the case should be handled swift because of the press and people who want to know if her death was racial. Therefore, when Shark finds out the death wasn't racial, he has to prove this as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the suspect is a girl Julie knows and she can't believe this girl murdered Erica.
The Golden Louis An anonymous donor drops a gold coin in the shoe of a homeless girl as she sleeps. A gambler with a 'sure thing' borrows the coin and wins a fortune, but he can't find her again to repay her.
As a frail young girl is outside begging in the snow, she collapses from weakness and from the cold. A well-dressed gentleman passes by and sees her, and he leaves a valuable gold coin in the shoe that she was using to collect alms. Meanwhile, at a gambling house nearby, another man is having a bad night and is becoming desperate. He walks outside, and he notices the girl and the coin. He could easily take it, but he is torn between his need and his pity for the girl.
Francesca A tough female cop is assigned to care for a young girl after she rescues her.
When a female cop rescues a young teenage girl who had been abducted, she finds herself unexpectedly charged with caring for this girl (who hasn't spoken since she was freed). Francesca - Frankie - is already in hot water for making a minor drug bust without calling for backup, so it's hard to know if this new assignment is a privilege or a punishment. Her tough shell is due for some cracking, partly through taking the young girl under her wing, partly through maybe for once going on a date instead of working late.
On the Line A shy advertising employee meets his dream girl on the El train, but doesn't remember to get her phone number, resulting in an all-out search for the mystery girl
A young man meets a girl on a train, only to spend the rest of the movie trying to reunite with her (one of the love-at-first-sight things), aided by his best friend in a quest of posters and signs that soon gains public notice. Will he ever find his soul mate?

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