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The Willies - 1990 The Willies (1990)
Catch a Tingling, Terrifying, Terminal Case of...
Rating: 3.7/10
Horror, Comedy,
Sean Astin, Jason Horst, Joshua Miller,
The Monk - 1990 The Monk (1990)
The pleasures of the flesh devoured his soul.
Rating: 4.9/10
Paul McGann, Sophie Ward, Isla Blair,
Witchcraft II: The Temptress - 1990 Witchcraft II: The Temptress (1990)
The Ultimate Evil Continues...
Rating: 2.5/10
Charles Solomon Jr., Delia Sheppard, David Homb,
Zombie Rampage - 1989 Zombie Rampage (1989)
They're mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore
Rating: 2.2/10
Dave Byerly, Erin Kehr, Stanna Bippus,
Vampire at Midnight - 1988 Vampire at Midnight (1988)
He's only dead until dark.
Rating: 3.8/10
Drama, Horror, Thriller,
Jason Williams, Gustav Vintas, Lesley Milne,
Death by Dialogue - 1988 Death by Dialogue (1988)
You'll never let your imagination run away with again.
Rating: 2.7/10
Ken Sagoes, Laura Albert, Lenny Delducca,
Psychos in Love - 1987 Psychos in Love (1987)
A Deliciously Wicked Comedy
Rating: 5.6/10
Comedy, Horror,
Carmine Capobianco, Patti Chambers, Carla Bragoli,
Future-Kill - 1985 Future-Kill (1985)
In the future, the Mutants rule!
Rating: 3.6/10
Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi,
Edwin Neal, Marilyn Burns, Gabriel Folse,
Der Fan - 1982 Der Fan (1982)
Er ist ein Star - sie erst 17 - Liebe in Trance ...
Rating: 5.7/10
D?©sir?©e Nosbusch, Bodo Steiger, Simone Brahmann,
Bloody Birthday - 1981 Bloody Birthday (1981)
The Nightmare Begins With The Kids Next Door
Rating: 5.5/10
Horror, Thriller,
Lori Lethin, Melinda Cordell, Julie Brown,
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