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Bataille de neige - 0000 Bataille de neige (0000)
Rating: 6.8/10
Short, Documentary,
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Uncle Tom's Cabin - 1903 Uncle Tom's Cabin (1903)
The most beautiful production in 24 life motion tableaux.
Rating: ?/10
Short, Drama,
Siegmund Lubin,
Race 2 - 2013 Race 2 (2013)
Betrayal is survival.
Rating: ?/10
Thriller, Action, Crime, Drama,
Saif Ali Khan, Anil Kapoor, John Abraham,
Gangster Squad - 2013 Gangster Squad (2013)
No names. No badges. No mercy.
Rating: 7.2/10
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone,
Now Here - 2010 Now Here (2010)
We're all made of star dust so why not just be a star?
Rating: 6.0/10
Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery,
Sean Lawlor, Electra Avellan, Wolfgang Bodison,
Go Fish - 2009 Go Fish (2009)
When Firearms Fall in the Wrong Hands.
Rating: 2.6/10
Short, Comedy,
Soren Bowie, Dan Campagna,
Hej, Dzo! - 1968 Hej, Dzo! (1968)
Rating: ?/10
Sven Lasta,
Down the River - 2008 Down the River (2008)
Three guys, a raft and a river that doesn't exist.
Rating: ?/10
Documentary, Drama,
Shea Formaneck, Tommy Marks, Kevin Purvis,
Indoor Fireworks - 2003 Indoor Fireworks (2003)
Two small-time crooks. One big-time safe. Who will crack first?
Rating: 6.8/10
Comedy, Short,
Spencer Burrows, Anthony Wadham, Tony Wadham,
Kluk a kometa - 1965 Kluk a kometa (1965)
Rating: ?/10
Stepánka Hanicincová,
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